[button link=”” title=”gray small” style=”small” colour=”gray”] [button link=”” title=”gray medium” style=”medium” colour=”gray”] [button link=”” title=”gray big” style=”big” colour=”gray”]

[[button link=”” title=”gray small” style=”small” colour=”gray”]]
[[button link=”” title=”gray medium” style=”medium” colour=”gray”]]
[[button link=”” title=”gray big” style=”big” colour=”gray”]]


[button link=”” title=”green small” style=”small” colour=”green”] [button link=”” title=”green medium” style=”medium” colour=”green”] [button link=”” title=”green big” style=”big” colour=”green”]

[[button link=”” title=”green small” style=”small” colour=”green”]]
[[button link=”” title=”green medium” style=”medium” colour=”green”]]
[[button link=”” title=”green big” style=”big” colour=”green”]]


[button link=”” title=”red small” style=”small” colour=”red”] [button link=”” title=”red medium” style=”medium” colour=”red”] [button link=”” title=”red big” style=”big” colour=”red”]

[[button link=”” title=”red small” style=”small” colour=”red”]]
[[button link=”” title=”red medium” style=”medium” colour=”red”]]
[[button link=”” title=”red big” style=”big” colour=”red”]]


[button link=”” title=”orange small” style=”small” colour=”orange”] [button link=”” title=”orange medium” style=”medium” colour=”orange”] [button link=”” title=”orange big” style=”big” colour=”orange”]

[[button link=”” title=”orange small” style=”small” colour=”orange”]]
[[button link=”” title=”orange medium” style=”medium” colour=”orange”]]
[[button link=”” title=”orange big” style=”big” colour=”orange”]]

Light blue

[button link=”” title=”lightblue small” style=”small” colour=”lightblue”] [button link=”” title=”lightblue medium” style=”medium” colour=”lightblue”] [button link=”” title=”lightblue big” style=”big” colour=”lightblue”]

[[button link=”” title=”lightblue small” style=”small” colour=”lightblue”]]
[[button link=”” title=”lightblue medium” style=”medium” colour=”lightblue”]]
[[button link=”” title=”lightblue big” style=”big” colour=”lightblue”]]

Dark blue

[button link=”” title=”darkblue small” style=”small” colour=”darkblue”] [button link=”” title=”darkblue medium” style=”medium” colour=”darkblue”] [button link=”” title=”darkblue big” style=”big” colour=”darkblue”]

[[button link=”” title=”darkblue small” style=”small” colour=”darkblue”]]
[[button link=”” title=”darkblue medium” style=”medium” colour=”darkblue”]]
[[button link=”” title=”darkblue big” style=”big” colour=”darkblue”]]

  • link – button link
  • title – button title
  • style – button size, available: small, medium, big
  • colour – link colour, available: gray, green, red, orange, lightblue, darkblue

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